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Best April Fools Prank Zombies | Pillow Talk TV | Jill and J... 0    0

Jack pranks Jill with the zombie apocalypse for April Fools, but Jill was prepared for this. Its protocol 317 with a hammer as she attacks zombie Jack in the face. Go go go! You don't joke about the ...

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14 BEST Pranks of All Time 0    0

From the infamous Balloon boy, to the most elaborate dinosaur prank ever, these are 14 BEST Pranks of ALL TIME ! Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for Myth Mania Mondays, Fact Tree Tuesdays, Wildlife Wedn...

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Bucket List #91 | Pull off an April Fools Prank | ProjectOne... 0    0

I got my brother this year with 3 April fools pranks and they all happened within about 5 minutes. I got him with the scare, a water spill, and balloon prank. He wasn't too mad but his reactions were ...

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