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Try Not To Laugh - Funny Videos 0    0

TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN - Funny Pranks — Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx Subscribe for new pranks: So make sure you hit that subscribe button to never miss a vid...

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Do you know da wae?? This is a prank based off the Ugandan Knuckles meme, using my African character. The reactions from this 7-Eleven ARE AMAZING. Send the same prank now and hear it LIVE :) http://o...

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Motorcycle Shop Owner Goes Mental *ABSOLUTE MELTDOWN* 0    0

This repair shop owner is known to have a crazy temper, and even threatened to KILL someone who lowballed him. You know I had to give him a call myself ;D Send out this weeks hilarious FREE prank call...

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Wet T-Shirt Prank Backfires 0    0

Jesse's prank goes terribly wrong when a bucket full of water falls on his girlfriend, splashing all over the floor as he runs up to catch her reaction. He suddenly busts his butt, falling hard on th...

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While my girl was out with friends, I set traps around the house for her. Follow us on Twitter: Facebook:

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EPIC Halloween Scare Prank! 0    0

Subscribe and send us your best pranks, you'll make money if your video is used in the top of the week. Invite your friends, share and subscribe!! Follow: like on fa...

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NEW! Kissing Pranks EXTREME Kissing Games In Public Kiss... 0    0

Kissing Prank (EXTREME EDITION) - Hot Bikini Girls - Summer Kissing Pranks - PrankInvasion Thank for watching these Kissing Prank videos. What i really like the most about these Kissing Prank is that...

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Cheating Baby Mama Ghetto PRANK CALL 0    0

★ SkuuWoopNation ★ ★ Go to for clothes! ★ ★ Cheating Baby Mama Ghetto PRANK CALL ★ ☝''LIKE" This Prank Call For MORE! Thumbs This Video Up! ☝ ▼ Read ...

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Asian Babysitting Nightmare Prank - Ownage Pranks 0    0

Subscribe to catch my future videos! I upload (at least) every Sunday - I call a guy as Buk Lau to apply for a babysitting position. He's had a couple bad experiences with babys...

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Real prank and stunt in the asia's largest beach in chennai 0    0

this prank video is too painful for my brother's friend,please share and leave comments.Don't try this. india prank india prank call indian pranks indian prank videos india prank 2016 indian...

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Peeing and farting next to hot girls at the beach prank. 0    0

So I took Jack Vales Pooter (before I invented "The Sharter") and and a bottle of water to the beach. Not sure who to give the credit for on the water bottle. First people I saw do i...

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Model's Jealous Boyfriend Goes INSANE - Ownage Pranks 0    0

I called up this super jealous guy who HATES the attention that his girlfriend gets from photographers when doing modeling shoots. I convinced him that his girlfriend had contacted me on Craigslist, a...

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walmart prank asking for a bike. my first prank call. 0    0

I wanted to ask for a bike. by the way, I am from Germany. Tell me in the comment section below which company I should call next. I will do it as soon as possible :).

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Hilarious Scary Snowman Prank *Bike Ride Gone Wrong* 1-5 0    0

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