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The same as last year..but better.. Can you count all the memes in the dabbing part..there are hidden ones TWITTER: Disclaimer - My channel is for mature audiences, t...

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April Fools! New Zealand Pranks Radio Hosts! 0    0

ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan trick their workmates Jase and PJ into covering their shift. Little did they know the whole country was in on it...

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APRIL FOOLS! The Best Fails - March 2017 | Funny Fail Compil... 0    0

I PITY THE FOOL! Brand new APRIL FOOLS weekly compilation of the funniest idiot pranks and fails. Selection includes yoga ball pizza pranks, water ballon sneak attacks, dancing dummies crashing into b...

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Coin in Water Bottle Magic Trick Prank on Dad April Fools 0    0

Pranked my dad with a fake water bottle magic trick that works great for April Fools or any time. I pretended that I was going to make a quarter appear in the bottom of a bottle of water. When he lo...

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FAKE LABOR PRANK!! (Parents Flip Out!) 0    0

Happy April Fools everyone! We played a (admittedly pretty cruel) joke on my parents and made them think Megan was going into labor! They didn't handle it very well! ***Subscribe!***

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