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Exercise Ball Bankshot Down Stairs Prank (Happy April Fools ... 0    0

April Fools Day Pranks are the best! Merry April Fools Day to all! Ryan wanted to test out his precision accuracy with the exercise by banking it off the wall (a la Tim Duncan) and nailing Brendan rig...

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Is this the MEANEST April Fools' prank ever? Club 18-30 TV p... 0    0

Stop, wait a minute! SUBSCRIBE... right now! Find out what happened when Club 18-30 TV presenter Andrea Lilly pranked her Best Friend on April Fools' Day. We reckon this is unf...

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Best April Fools Prank | I Just Got My Best Friend Arrested 0    0

Thanks to everyone who helped me pull off this April Fools Prank! I had so much fun shooting this video! I hope you guys enjoy this video enough to like, share, and subscribe! I love to do what I lo...

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April Fools Prank: A Bad Haircut 0    0

I'm in Peru, so when I told my Best Friend I'd done a terrible job cutting my bangs, she offered to help me fix them via FaceTime. She's a good, good friend, and I'm a terrible one.

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Easter Pranks! Trick your friends April fools ! 0    0

Today we get you ready for April fools day easter with all these pranks! from hollow bunny filled with wasabi and Sriracha to a giant fake peep. These are all safe family fun pranks to get your best f...

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Terry the Tomboy: How to Prank Your Best Friend 0    0

Need some great prank ideas? Terry's here to help with her Tomboy guide to April Fools. watch Things I Like by Lia Marie! want more Terry The Tomboy!? well click right he...

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